(...with life experience to bring along including; Nationally Certified Physician Assistant, Executive Coach, Small Business Owner, Air Force Officer, Paramedic, Private Pilot, Photographer...and more)

My CV reads like an action novel. My background and life experience is diverse. Copywriting is not my first career, but it is my last. I've found my passion.

I am a perpetual student and love the process of learning. I've found that copywriting is the most exciting way to meet great successful people and immerse myself into new areas. I love what I do and see this as my final focus; I get paid to learn new trades, learn new technologies, and utilize my significant background experience to create content and selling points that get results.

And I have the foundational experience demonstrating a unique ability to absorb complex technical material, quickly learn your product or services, and create content and documents that are clear, concise, and invoke your desired response.

My research is thorough. I want to become a part of your world and understand your products and know your clients. I believe this is the only way to produce content that speaks from your heart to your clients needs, creating a strong positive action response.

I don't limit my rewrites. My only desire is for you to be ecstatic with my writing, and while this typically will happen with the first draft you never need to worry about requesting project rewrites until you are completely satisfied. I am committed to the project until you're happy.

Please browse through my LinkedIn Profile for more details on my life and experiences; or just call and chat with me personally: (336) 403-2248. 

Next Step...

Lets discuss what happens next. Perhaps something spectacular.